Perspectives offers relevant and cutting-edge information in the field of genetic counseling, as well as news from NSGC. Articles fall into one of four main categories: Genetic Counselor Insights, Latest Trends, Research & Education, and NSGC News.

Genetic Counselor Insights

This section features articles from genetic counselors and updates related to the genetic counseling profession.

Latest Trends

This section shares the latest trends and hot topics in genetics and includes articles on J.E.D.I., advocacy, and workforce growth and development.

Research & Education

This section highlights genetics and genomics research, commentaries on recent studies, and reviews of genetic counseling related publications and books.


This section includes updates from NSGC committees, NSGC Special Interest Groups, and the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC). It also houses NSGC member news and other society-related content.

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