Perspectives offers relevant and cutting-edge information in the field of genetic counseling, as well as news from NSGC. Articles fall into several categories:

Clinical Practice

This section contains commentaries on social, legal, and ethical issues in the delivery of patient care as well as developments in practice guidelines and genetic testing technologies.


This section highlights important additions to genetics and genomics research as well as conversations with researchers about their work. 


This section shares ideas and reflections related to genetic counseling training and continuing education.

Career & Workforce

This section addresses topics in career growth and development including personal and professional identity, career paths, reimbursement, licensure, certification, and negotiation.  


This section includes updates from NSGC committees, NSGC Special Interest Groups, and the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC). It also houses NSGC member news and other society-related content.

Submitting to Perspectives and FAQs


How do I submit to Perspectives?

We are always looking for contributions to Perspectives! If you are interested in writing an article or sharing an idea for one, please reach out to Executive Editor, Hannah Llorin (she/her), and Managing Editor, Hannah Durnas (she/her).

In your initial email submission, please include the following:

  • A 600-900 word article in an editable format (Google document or Word document)
  • A 50-100 word professional bio
  • The degrees and certifications (e.g. MS, CGC) that authors would like listed in their title
  • A headshot (optional)
  • Author’s pronouns (optional)
  • Author’s preferences for the header photo accompanying the article (optional). Authors can choose to provide a free image. Common sources for free images include Pixabay and Unsplash . The publishing team will take preferences into consideration but a final decision on image choice will be made by the publishing team.

As of January 2024, if an author has a conflict of interest as defined by NSGC, this affiliation should be included in their author bio. Some example statements are below:

  • [Author] is an employee and equity holder of [company]. 
  • [Author] has received speaking honoraria from [company].
  • [Author] is on the advisory board of [company].

Please keep in mind the following submission guidelines:

  • References should be submitted in APA style. In-text links to non-peer-reviewed, web-based content are acceptable.
  • Authors should follow the APA Style guideline for Bias-free language
  • If an author uses generative AI in the writing process, they must disclose this within the context of the article or in a separate statement. This does not apply to the use of applications for checking grammar, spelling, references, etc.


Who can submit to Perspectives?

While Perspectives authors are largely genetic counselors and genetic counseling trainees, we welcome authors from any professional background to submit articles on topics relevant to genetic counseling.

How do you choose which articles to publish?

The editorial team evaluates each article based on I) relevance to the genetic counseling profession II) strength and clarity of argument III) technical appropriateness and accuracy. Perspective Editors or Committee members may ask for submissions on specific topics.

NSGC Perspectives is aligned with the NSGC DEIB policy and will not publish articles in violation of this policy. Furthermore, the editorial team will prioritize articles that directly address JEDI issues in healthcare and genetic counseling as part of an ongoing effort to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in these areas.

How do I write an Op-Ed?

There is no one right way to write an Op-Ed. The goal is to be concise, persuasive, and evidence-based. We invite you to review the following resources from the Op-Ed project, the New York Times, and the Harvard Kennedy School.

What is the submission process like?

Perspective Editors and Committee members will provide authors with a decision on their article as well as feedback on an article via email. Authors will always have an opportunity to review the final version of their article before publishing.

Can Perspectives articles be sponsored?

NSGC does allow for-profit and non for-profit companies to author sponsored articles for publication. All requests for sponsored content should go through NSGC Sales Director, Amanda Trainor Patrick and will require a statement or acknowledgement that the article is sponsored.